HydraPeel FX Advanced Skin Treatments

HydraPeel FX Double Peel & Infusion Signature Treatment 
Skin Condition: All skin conditions *except impaired barriers or active acne

Our most results driven skin treatment designed to renew and revitalize the skin with instant results.  During this intensive treatment the skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and infused with natural active ingredients for long lasting results. This treatment can be customised to target breakouts, congestion, dull, dry, dehydrated mature, sun damaged and textured skin conditions.

Express, allow 40 minutes 
With a combination of diamond microdermabrasion and hydrapeelFX in one treatment we remove even the most deep set debris from the pores, infusing natural activities to suit your skin concerns and finish with a hydrating Vitamin B mask. Includes a pressure point scalp massage.

Luxury, allow 60 Minutes
With a combination of diamond microdermabrasion and a 3 layered hydrapeel treatment we flush out impurities from the pores and infuse natural activities to suit your skin concerns. We then further target blackheads and congestion with a specially designed extraction tip or infuse additional anti-aging and
brightening ingredients into areas where lines, wrinkles or sun damage is present. Compete with a hydrating Vitamin B mask and relaxing facial massage for your face, neck, shoulders and arms.


HydraPeel FX Skin renewal facials
HydraPeel FX skin renewal facials are an advanced non-invasive peel and infusion treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. Removing keratinized cells with a high-pressured vortex of specific treatment solutions while infusing natural and powerful activities to correct individual skin
concerns. This treatment is ideal for people who have a healthy or sensitised skin and would like more than just an exfoliation treatment.

All treatments include a manual antioxidant cleanse to remove any surface debris such as makeup and sunscreen, followed with a hydracleanse using an ultra gentle plant based lactic acid and adjustable vacuum pressure across the skin in sweeping motions. The following hydrapeel, extraction and infusion steps are based on your skin condition and concerns.
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Sensitive Treatment
Skin Condition: Sensitive, dehydrated or new to active skin treatments
Includes calming and hydrating actives of aloe vera, cucumber & green tea with an ultra gentle plant
based lactic acid to ensure an effective yet gentle renewal of the skin.

Vitamin Treatment
Skin Condition: Mature, dry & sun damaged.
Includes anti-ageing and moisture boosting actives of quercetin vitamin C & E with a combination of AHAs to even out skin tone, brighten imperfections and smooth out fine lines & wrinkles.

Purifying Treatment
Skin Condition: Polluted, congested, acne, breakouts, clogged pores, black heads, oily
Includes antibacterial and decongesting actives of tea tree, alpha bisabolo and natural salicylic to break down sebum and dislodge plugs that cause congestion and breakouts.

Oxygenating Treatment
Skin Condition: Dull, dehydrated or uneven
Includes brightening and hydration actives of bearberry, licorice root, sodium hyaluronate and AHAS to stimulate and brighten while delivering an intensive hydration boost.


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