Greenwashing in the skincare world

Greenwashing is a term used to describe a business that invests more time in making their brand appear to be natural or environmentally friendly than actively focusing on creating a natural and environmentally friendly product. 

Greenwashing is an advertising trick with the very intent to mislead consumers who are looking for natural and environmentally friendly products into purchasing from them.  It’s a tactic found across many industries such as fashion, food, home décor, skincare and more.

So how do we know who's being honest when it comes to skincare?

Don't assume. Dig deeper.

If you see an image of fruit in an advert, shop window, website, or flyer it does not mean that product is made of strawberries.  If you see big bold words, do not just focus on that word, read the small print.  You will often see brightly coloured plants, oceans, sunsets, fruits and more which grab your attention, but they don’t necessarily mean anything.  You will also see bold key words on the front of products that are selected carefully to draw you in, that key ingredient may only be 0.001% of the product and the rest could be made from non-renewable, non-biodegradable synthetic materials.

FLIP IT OVER, read the back of labels and read the small print, still not sure of something?  Ask. Labels are not always clear, although they should be if there's nothing to hide.

Naturally derived ingredients from plants, fruits, seeds, nuts and minerals all come from renewable sources, they are also easily taken back into the environment via our waterways when washed down the drain and have no negative impact on our environment. Example: Avocado oil

Most synthetic ingredients come from non-renewable sources, this means once we have used them all up they are gone for good! They may be of harm to aquatic life or our oceans when washed down the drain. Example: Micro-beads

If you have questions about ingredients feel free to message directly on Instagram, Facebook or the contact page on our website and one of our skincare specialists will get back to you as soon as we can.







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  • Love this article! We need to be looking after our environment in every way we can, please keep sharing and educating people on this topic.

  • Good information very easily to be mislead in all today’s marketing


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